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Domestic issues facing our nation are significant, and complicated. Border security, the size of government, fiscal policy, monetary policy, education, entitlements, taxation, and corruption are all issues that need addressed.

In general we are a kind and giving people and we feel bad when we see people in unfortunate circumstances. The trouble is, somewhere along the line, we decided it was the role of government to solve our individual problems.

What made this country great was a spirit of independene, a healthy dose of capitalism, and a willingness to work hard or do what it takes to get ahead.

I do believe we need to have a safety net, but that should be the exception rather than the rule. The biggest improvement we could make is to cut the fat out of the Federal governent. Just about every company in this country has gone through a period of downsizing, but our government has only become more bloated.

I think we need to cut out many layers of administration, and move toward a more direct method of delivering our safety net.

I also believe we need to revisit all domestic programs to see if they pass the "is this the role of government" test. Our Federal government has been expanded to areas governent was never intended to cover. We cannot allow emotions to guide our domestic policy anymore than we can allow it to guide our foreign policy.

Logic and reason applied to our constitution and bill of rights is what is needed to guide our domestic policy.

The Put America First campaign of 2008 seeks to elect Scott Wise to Indiana's 3rd Congressional district.

The campaign will take a fresh look at our government and political system. The way our government is today grew from the cold war. With no cold war left to fight, there is no uniting force in our government, and the results are extreme partisanship.

The campaign to elect Scott Wise will take on that idea and all that it represents, and ultimately seeks to Put America First.

The Term

I know enough about Washington DC, to know that one person can't change anything.
When I get to Washington I will work to create a bi-partisan coalition that beleives the country is more important than their party or their re-election.

With 434 other representatives there will certainly be a few that are willing to do that. This coalition will cross party lines to stop legislation not in the best interest of our people or our future. Put America First will also cross party lines to support good legislation, and seek to create legislation of it's own.

Removing the idea that how Washington does business now is the only way, or best way is critical to the continued vitality of the United States.

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Internationally we have acted paternally toward most of the rest of the world since the end of WWII. We don't have a post cold war stategy for dealing with the rest of the world, or if we do our government doesn't bother to explain it to us.

We need to demonstrate leadership to the rest of the world. Not the kind of leadership where we tell everyone what to do, but the kind of leadership where we tell the world "this is where we are you want to come along?"

Some would say the Russians and Chinese are our friends, and a few short years ago, I was close to agreement with that idea. Now, however, it seems obvious the Russians and Chinese are positioning themselves to counter American influence, and even more disturbingly appear willing to undermine our position.

Rivals are one thing, but our allies are also positioning themselves to break from us and create their own sphere of influence. This isn't really a problem other than we can't count on them to return our previous good deeds.

All of this has lead me to the belief that we should no longer see ourselves as the worlds protector, but should take a more selfish "what's in it for America" stance.

We expect objectivity from the world, and we are not going to get it. Other countries will act in their own self interest, and what is wrong with us doing the same.

Billions and billions of dollars can stay here at home, and we will treat other countries like they treat us. If they are good to us and show friendship, we can help them and treat them like friends. If they spit in our face there is no need for us to bend over backwards for them.


In 2010 we will take the idea to Put America First nation wide. We will seek to re-elect those that supported the agenda, as well as help likeminded candidates win.

We will especially seek to unseat elected officials that refuse to see the new and better way.

Money and power are what makes Washinton work. We need to change that to the American people are what makes Washinton work.

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